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Angel Tree Decoration, how to?

When do You start preparing for Christmas? When do You start arranging and buying the presents and decorations? I know there are some that start in the summer and then with zero stress just sit and wait for Christmas! However, I feel that most of us wait for the Christmas spirit, which comes when Christmas nears towards our feet. Christmas Trees are being lit in city squares, shops are decorated probably better than a Santa’s workshop and the music, all you hear is jingles all the way! These little bits are so festive and lifts the spirits up. That’s when you start wanting to bring that spirit back home. And you do! You start decorating the rooms with fairy lights, snowflakes, angels and one and only – Christmas Tree – 🎄.

Christmas Elf Stealing the gifts away!

I love my Christmas because of how much I wait for it. I start planning in my head how to decorate, where to get the presents from, who want what for Christmas. I imagine designs for festive cards, which for a couple of years at least, I am proudly making myself! After I imagine, then, I start to build! Bit by bit all decorations firstly find their places in my boxes, where they are waiting for their time to shine. You don’t even feel how all four corners are filled with gifts. I live in a small flat, so another challenge is making sure that my hiding spots are the best, so my boys don’t find it! This kind of waiting is usually filled with Christmas songs, Christmas movies, candle light, hot chocolates and the smell of oranges. That’s when the real Christmas start for me. Quite often, it starts in the beginning of September, when everybody starts the 100 days till Christmas countdown. Thus, the second part of September is the best time to get ready, right?

So, with this Christmas spirit, today I will be making a Christmas Angel. How can you have Christmas without them! We will need:

  • thread of your liking
  • a hook
  • a bead for a head (mine is 12mm)
  • scissors
  • coffee!

I am joking about a coffee, you can have a hot chocolate instead! 🙂 But coffee does help me to have more fun whilst working!

Thread, hook, scissors, bead & a coffee

Firstly, we will start from the angel’s body, which will start with a slippery knot. Do not forget to leave a longer thread in the beginning, because we will use it later to make a loop. First row – 3 columns with a double crochet. In the other rows we will increase the number of columns by two. On the fifth row you should have 11 columns with a double crochet.

Then, we will start making the wings with the slippery know as well. Leave some thread in the beginning for this one as well. First row is going to be 12 columns with a double crochet, in the second row we will double the number of columns, crocheting two columns from one eye. That’s how we end up with 24 columns on the second row.

And we are almost done! All we need to do is attach the wings with the body. Both of the threads left in the beginning of wings and body will go though the bead – the head, and then we do a knot. And voila, we are done! We have a lovely Angel Tree Decoration, or a decoration for anything you can think of! 🙂

I did say it was going to be simple!

There is a video as well for you to have a look at

Best of luck, and give us a shout if you are having any issues or questions.

With Love,




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