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No day is ever same. But I cannot image a day without touching colourful beads, fluffy yarns and making sparkly gems.

Every day is different. Nonetheless, all my days are full of creative thoughts and ideas. I keep on thinking how I can make my ideas real and bring them to life with crochet, knitting or sewing.

My first ever memory of knitting comes from my Mum. She was the one who taught me how to hold needles, hooks and knot my first loops into a thread. My first creation was a knitted scarf, which made me so proud, because I have done it all myself! After a while, simple knits became a bit boring, so I started looking at more difficult patterns, loops and forms. It is mesmerising to see a simple ball of thread becoming full of potential and use. As of now, I have knitted tonnes of knits, hats, scarves, socks, dresses, napkins, table cloths, bags, toys and many more items used by friends, family and my kids.

Bit by bit I tried many more crafts. I have been involved in beading, making flowers from fabric, decoupage, mosaics and even rock painting. All of these have been entertaining and interesting, however I understood that the sweetest and closest to heart craft is a simple hook and a ball of thread. These two make the best combination of friendship together with me.  

Nonetheless, I am a fan of mixing techniques and trying new things. I have found that I can place beads on a thread and crocheted it,  sew a made item with some beads on top of it or even combine leather with crochet. 

It was extremely difficult to have confidence in my craft, because it seemed if I knew how to knit a sock it could be done by anyone, so nobody would want it. However with time (and age) I understood that no matter how simple my sock is, I still do it differently. I understood that we are all so unique and different. There is no need to compare yourself to others. I understood that I am who I am. My creative crafts make people happy, and it makes me happy. Thus, made me feel confident in myself, because I was creating happiness in essence, and the fact that my creations warm other people’s hearts is wholesome in itself. 

Every item I make, it has my full attention, time (which I do not count whilst crafting) and my full heart. Biggest attention is given to detail and quality. You could not be happy with a crochet that fall apart on the first day! Every item I make gets triple / quadruple checked before it comes out to life and is held by You.

With love,

Jolita (aka JcCraft)

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"I cannot imagine a day without beads, yarns or threads" - JC

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