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Xmas Tree Hats!

Christmas is creeping down the roads! Only 69 days to go! And I truly believe, now we have quite a few of us that start to panic and think we will not have enough time!

So, today I want to show you how to make the sweetest Christmas hats ever, that do not take hours to make, rather minutes! So, we could save more times for our beloved ones. ❤️

These little hats can be used to decorate your Christmas Tree, as a nice decoration for your gift wrapping, or simply place it on the mantlepiece, far from your pets. Or even as toys for your little ones and pets! 🐈 👼

Furthermore, you can even make decorative garlands by simple tying the hats together. I hate throwing stuff away, thus I always find a way to use items over and over again. For the hats I use cardboard rolls from toilet paper, kitchen foil or greaseproof paper, you could also use the left over thread from previous inventions, that fits this purpose perfectly!

Let’s begin!

We will need:

  • cardboard roll from kitchen foil, greaseproof paper (will make the hats smaller but thicker and it will not bend around too easy!) or toilet paper roll (will make the hats wider)
  • 🧵 thread of your preferred colour
  • ✂️ scissors
  • a ruler or a sowing tape
  • hook
  1. Cut your cardboard roll in 1cm wide rings, which will make the finished hat about 4cm, the wider you make them the taller the hat will be! (could even make a Merlin hat!)
  2. Cut the thread into 16-17 cm length braids . The amount necessary for the hat depends on how wide you made you cardboard ring. Also, the more thread braids you will use the bigger the pompom (bobble)!
  3. Let’s take one ring and begin! As we take the thread braid let’s bend it in half and place it in the inside of the ring with your hook. Then we will use the hook to create a knot with the dangling side of the thread (view images and a walkthrough video bellow)

4. Once we crochet all around the ring, the squish the braids through the inside to the other side

5. Then we nicely comb the threads to make it more even

6. Measure around 2cm from the end of braids and tie it up with couple of knots with another piece of thread

7. Now, we just nicely cut the PomPom around to form a nice looking bobble

And here we go! Now we have a nicely finished Christmas hat with a lovely PomPom at the top!

Take a look at our walkthrough video, which should make it easy for you to follow, and if you need any tips or advice, just drop me a message bellow!

As always,

With Love,




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