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Once upon a time in a key chain world

Little crafts are always so pleasant to make. It’s super quick! All you need is a couple of minutes and you can see the results. However, it is always nice to find a use for the crafts and this one has a few!

So, this time my eyes were caught whilst shopping for supplies by these little kiss clasps and I really wanted to try and make a tiny purse / key chain! In my mind it seemed that these would be super cute and extra sweet 🙂 just want to melt into them!!! Once I received my order I could not take my eyes of those clasps, they already looked gorgeous.

Kiss clasps

This was not the first time that I have used these clasps, I worked with bigger coin purses, as you can see in my shopfloor! Nonetheless, I was excited to get going and try the mini clasps out. After just a few minutes, I have already crocheted a mini base which was just the right size for my kiss clasp.

The crocheted base for the kiss clasp, just match the open clasp with the size of the base

I didn’t have to wait long, just a couple of minutes and I have already crocheted the rest of the purse!

Once I have done the base and the sides all is left just the finishing touch! Which was to sow in the clasp! Trust me, sometimes it can be a challenge, so do not underestimate these clasps! However, this time it was a success! This success ultimately put a smile on my face, so cute, so mini, so sweet, handmade with love!

Mini yellow coin purse / key chain

And that is how my mini coin purses were born, which despite the odds is actually quite literally a coin purse! So, we have made a useful, full of purpose and soul item :). Just like my friend said, these are perfect for little school girls to pop their lunch money in!

However, personally, I find it most pleasurable to match these little purses with bigger ones. Next to each other they look brilliant!

Matching yellow coin purses

As always, with love,




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