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Cute doll from a sock!

Toys made from socks is not a novelty. It has been done over and over again! From socks you can sew so many beautiful things: owls, rabbits, little monkeys, elephants and anything you could think of! For a long time now my Pinterest account had boards for ‘Toys from Socks’. In order to prep myself for the process I even got some tiny socks! 🙂

However, recently, I was going through my Pinterest, looking for ideas and cute things, my eye had been caught by these dolls, made from socks! It looked so easy and fantastic, very warm, cosy and cute, just how I like it! So, I decided to make one that looked similar to this one:

I did not wait long and started crafting away! 🙂

Firstly, I found my tiny socks, stuffing, threads, needles and scissors.

Getting ready!

Second step, was to stuff my sock with stuffing, and once it looked that it is enough, I’ve sown it up.

Stuffed sock

All that is left now, is to form legs, arms and head with the thread and a needle. I turned out quite nice, and it already started looking like a very cute doll! 🙂 However, we still need to stitch a cute face too. So, I’ve decided to stitch out a dreaming doll face. Reasoning was simple, when babies are sleeping they are usually smiling, right? 🙂

And finally, once the dolly had a full body and a dreamy face, only trifles were left. Thus, I knitted a tiny cute hat, popped a ribbon and the doll is ready to make some little girl happy and dreamy! 🙂

Dreamy doll for little girl

Best regards,




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